Living With And Conquering PCOS.

Women often wear the full brunt of conception. However, the stats should infertility is as much a male problem as a female one.

But, fertility is more than simply conceiving. To birth a beautiful and healthy baby requires conception, a healthy pregnancy and a safe delivery.

This – as well as ensuring the future health and well-being of both the baby and mum – rests importantly also with the male.

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Dr Rebecca Harwin


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Are you suffering from weight gain?  Infertility or irregular periods?  Skin as terrible as a teenage girl?  Excessive hair growth, making you feel less than feminine?

My name is Dr Rebecca Harwin.  I actually was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 17 years old.  Back then, medical doctors didn’t know what it was, but I had all the classic symptoms.  Weight gain, acne, excessive hair growth, lack of confidence, a non-existent menstrual cycle.  I decided for myself to pursue a different path of wellness.  I decided at that point to rid myself of this troublesome disorder.  I discovered there are certain things you can do not only to minimise your symptoms, or even eliminate them, but to also overcome the associated health risks associated with PCOS.  For instance, did you know that women with PCOS have a higher rate of cancer, stroke, heart attack, and diabetes?  

I became so passionate about PCOS and health, I even became a Chiropractor and health specialist to help women free themselves of this lifelong dis-ease. 

Research proves approximately 10% of women worldwide suffer from this devastating syndrome, many without even knowing it.  You may be one of them.  Even though I can’t see each woman personally as their physician, in order to help the millions of women suffering worldwide, I’ve created a free report detailing what PCOS is and how you can recover from and move beyond these troubling symptoms.

You’ll learn:

* What really causes PCOS (and it may not be what you think)

* What are the RIGHT foods to help you conquer your PCOS, lose weight and improve your fertility

*  The secret training tip, and a common spice, that will help you manage your blood sugar levels (and it’s quick, and simple)

*  The little known, over consumed culprit that is wreaking havoc on your skin!  And the steps you can take to achieve positively glowing, blemish free skin.

You’ll find easy-to-implement lifestyle changes, some giving you almost immediate relief.

If you’ve had trouble getting pregnant, if you’d like to start a family, if you’ve started investigating IVF and find it expensive, embarrassing, and heartbreaking, this report will help you.

This free special report “Conquering Your PCOS” is instantly downloadable just by clicking the “PCOS Free Report” at (below my picture).   

Here’s what else you’ll discover in this ground-breaking report:                   

*  5 ways to balance your hormones, leading to improved sleep, better energy, and less mood swings.

*  7 tips to de-stress yourself to better health and a longer, happier life.

*  2 important reasons you have a higher risk of miscarriage, and how you can make simple changes to dramatically increase your chance of giving birth to a happy, bouncing baby.

*  WARNING – the unknown reason you could pass PCOS onto your daughter, and the single thing you must do to prevent not only passing PCOS onto your daughter, but also onto your granddaughter!

It’s all included in this free downloadable report.  Just head over and grab your report. 

 What are you waiting for?!

Dr Rebecca Harwin
Conquer Your PCOS.

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Want To Motor Through the Day Full of Vitality?

We’ve probably all been there…you’re moving right along with your day’s agenda and then wham!…’re suddenly almost overcome by fatigue and would like nothing better than to stretch out some place for a nice, long nap.

Can we possibly be at our very best under these circumstances? Of course not. Nobody is able to give 100% and be truly alert with a razor sharp focus when all of their energy is going toward merely keeping their eyes open.

So, what can you do to avoid this mid-afternoon energy slump? Here are 7 tips to help you prevent that dreaded crash…

1. Get up and move!
Indulging in even a few minutes of light exercise can ward off an energy slump.  Movement of your spine – increasing proprioception – energises your brain! If you can, try jogging on the spot for 30seconds.  Or you might try walking briskly up and down the halls at work.  It doesn’t much matter so much what you do, just that you move!

2. Try to notice the time you are most prone to experiencing an energy slump. Keep a log and jot down when you start to feel really tired, drained of energy. This is likely to occur at approximately the same time every day, provided you eat lunch at about the same time every day. Once you determine when your slump will probably hit, ward it off by moving around and having a glass or bottle of water and eating a small healthy snack such as some almonds.

3. If you are able to predict your usual time to crater out of energy, take a break before it happens. This can be tremendously effective.

4. Be aware – what you eat for breakfast and lunch may be the slump-triggering culprit. Many of us grab a sandwich for lunch, after toast or cereal for breakfast.  The fact is that a sandwich made with white bread (or bun), or high sugar cereals, will cause your body to have a sugar surge that leads to a release of insulin. The problem is that the higher the spike of blood sugar, the more likely your body is to overcompensate two or three hours later, causing low blood sugar and that awful mid-afternoon slump. Try having a protein lunch with some leafy greens, such as a grilled chicken strip salad or an omelette with salad. Avoiding too many carbs can help you avoid the slump!

5. B vitamins, and insulin sensitising supplements like chromium, magnesium and fish oil, can be helpful in keeping your energy level on an even keel.

6. This may seem like a no-brainer, but be sure to get a restful night’s sleep. If your body is suffering from sleep deprivation, no matter how slight, you are much more likely to experience a slump midway through the afternoon. So, try to do everything you can to ensure you get enough sleep at night.

1 piece of advice. Caffeine can be quite helpful in picking you up from a mid afternoon slump. However, using stimulants to boost your energy is not a good habit to cultivate.  If you drink too much caffeine – other than the other affects on your body – it may interfere with your sleep.  This can create a vicious circle, as not enough sleep may cause an afternoon slump, and so on.

If you find yourself experiencing a mid-afternoon slump, try these techniques to help you motor through your day!


Dr Rebecca Harwin

Having completed three undergraduate degrees, 20 years of study in the health field, and consulted with tens of thousands of patients, Dr Rebecca Harwin is an expert in the areas of health, wellbeing and PCOS.
The author of Conquer Your PCOS continues to write to empower women with PCOS to overcome their condition to lead a long, optimally well life.
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What you think matters… or more correctly, what you believe matters.  What you believe determines what you think, and how you behave.  Most people think their thoughts are their own.  Fair assumption?

Most of what you believe, what forms your ‘habits’, do not arise from your conscious thinking brain.  The brain you are aware of.  Most come from your subconscious brain.  The kicker is, most of the knowledge in your subconscious brain has been ‘downloaded’ when you were very young.  The things you observed/heard/experienced when you were very young have shaped your view of yourself, and your world, today. 

When you are very young you have different brain waves, and the part of your brain that is involved in learning is constantly ‘on’.  If this was not the case, you could not learn the substantial amount of knowledge you need to.  At this time, you also do not have ‘filters’ on – you accept what you see/hear/experience to be true.  As an adult, if you are told you are an idiot, you have filters that can rationalise this information.  You can (providing you have not been conditioned to think this to be true) filter that statement and know it is incorrect.  When you are a impressionable child, and this filter isn’t switched on…  Can you imagine the damage this can do?

Now, back to you today.  Most of your habits, your thoughts, come from the information you downloaded as a child.  Most of what you downloaded was from other people’s input!  So, the programming in your subconscious brain – the part of your brain that forms your habits and your beliefs, that really runs your life – is NOT from your making!

Why is this relevant?

You may make a choice consciously, say to lose weight.  You will, invariably, find you need to rely on ‘willpower’ – the conscious brain’s ability to override your subconscious brain for a time.  But, if your subconscious brain has different views, you will not ‘win’ long term.  You have, I’m sure, heard of self sabotage.  These are harsh words, for your brain reverting to what it ‘knows’ to be true.

Unless you realise that most of the programs that are running you are not those your consciously downloaded, but that input from other people, you will find it very difficult to succeed.  The subconscious brain is SO much bigger, SO much more powerful, than your conscious brain!

If you want to make real change in your life, you need to stop blaming yourself.  You need to work to change your subconscious programming.  This is the way to real change.

What you think does matter, but it’s what your believe that determines what you think and so how you act.


Dr Rebecca Harwin

Many women with PCOS are ‘Estrogen Dominant’

This means they either have levels of Estrogen too high, or normal levels of Estrogen that are too high in relation to progesterone.  In the first half of you cycle, Estrogen levels are higher.  Then when you ovulate, the part of the ovary from where the egg came from turns into a gland (corpus luteum).  This then produces Progesterone.  The estrogen/progesterone balance swaps.

If you don’t ovulate, your corpus luteum isn’t formed, and so you don’t get an increase in progesterone.  This means you have too much estrogen relative to progesterone.

What can this cause?
*  headache
*  breast tenderness and lumps
*  heavy, clotty, and/or painful periods
*  lack of periods
*  tiredness

How can you correct this situation?

Get well! 
Focus on weight loss (if you need to), as this encourages ovulation. 
Focus on Insulin Sensitising steps, like no carbs in the evening, fish oil, magnesium, chromium.
Decrease your stress.
There are supplements you can take to improve ovulation.
Get rid of excessive estrogen (eat organic, don’t drink water from a warm plastic bottle, complete an estrogen detox).



Dr Rebecca Harwin

So, you would like to boost your metabolism?  With benefits like weight loss and more energy, who wouldn’t?

Here are 4 tips to help get your metabolism running hotter…

1.  Make sure your thryroid is working well.  Lack of selenium, magnesium, iodine and omega 3 will wreak havoc on your thyroid function.  And many PCOS women suffer from hypothyroidism.

2.  Drinking water can speed up the calories you burn… And drinking your water on the rocks can apparently speed up your metabolism too…

3.  Foods you can ADD to your foodplan to boost your metabolism include chili, green tea and more lean, organic protein

4.  Resistance training.  Building muscle also builds your metabolism

So, get shopping and get moving.


Dr Rebecca Harwin

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